Solicitation Schedule

Applications are now being accepted for the 2017-2018 State-Funded Juvenile Diversion Program and the 2017-2018 Colorado Marijuana Tax Cash Fund Juvenile Diversion Program. 

Applications are due:  THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2016

Apply for the Funding Opportunities via the new on-line grant management system, ZoomGrants at:  

It is imperative that potential applicants review the application instructions for both funding opportunities before completing an application.

2017-2018State-Funded Juvenile Diversion Announcement

2017-2018 State-Funded Juvenile Diversion Application Instructions

2017-2018 Colorado Marijuana TaxCash Fund Juvenile Diversion Program Announcement

2017-2018 Colorado Marijuana Tax Cash Fund Juvenile Diversion Program Application Instructions

If you have any questions, contact: 

Michele Lovejoy 
Colorado Division of Criminal Justice 
Office of Adult and Juvenile Justice
700 Kipling St.
Denver, CO 80215 
Phone: (303) 239-5712 or 
Toll Free: 1-800-201-1325 
Fax: (303) 239-4491