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Solicitation Schedule


INTENT TO APPLY DEADLINE:  Friday, January 20, 2017  (see INstructions)

Application deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017 

2017 Coverdell Application (download)

2017 Coverdell Application Instructions (download)

Purpose of the Funds

The Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grants Program (the Coverdell program) awards grants to States and units of local government to help improve the quality and timeliness of forensic science and medical examiner services. Among other things, funds may be used to eliminate a backlog in the analysis of forensic evidence and to train and employ forensic laboratory personnel, as needed, to eliminate such a backlog. All applicants for funding must also fall within the priorities as set by the State Forensic Science Plan.

Local labs may also apply directly to NIJ for Competitive Coverdell Grant Funds and are highly encouraged to watch for this solicitation from NIJ.

Award Period

Projects are awarded for 12 months, January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.  A delay in the start date may occur if the award to the state by NIJ is delayed.

Match/Other Budget Considerations

The Coverdell Grant Program does not require matching funds. 


Applicants for these funds must be a forensic laboratory, medical examiner's office, or coroner's office which is fully accredited or seeking accreditation.Amount 


Jurisdictional applicants may request an amount not to exceed the percentage of Part I crime attributed to their jurisdiction.  Non-jurisdictional applicants will be assessed based on the availability of funds. The amount of Coverdell funds to the State is variable from year to year.  Applicants should use $110,000 as the basis for their calculation. For example, a jurisdiction who's Part I crime represents 5% of the entire state's Part I crime would be eligible to apply for 5% of $110,000 which is $5,500.  The actual amount the state receives for FY 2017 may differ and applicants will be notified of any difference (increase or decrease) to their request based on the actual amount of funds the state receives.

Reporting Requirements 

The Division of Criminal Justice (DCJ) requires quarterly narrative and financial reports that document the project’s progress towards meeting its goals and objectives, and its expenditures under the approved budget. DCJ maintains the right to withhold payments if reporting requirements are not met in a timely manner. 

Questions??  Mona Barnes,, 303-239-4188